We are in closed Beta

As we are currently in our Beta stage we are not recommending using our service for production workloads. To compensate for this we are offering free unlimited use for select users during the Beta period to experiment with the service and provide feedback.

Simplify user management

from registration to revenue


  • Open source core Powered by Keycloak - Open Source Identity and Access management platform
  • Single-Sign On/Out Users login once to access multiple applications. Share credentials between your main application and any other products you may have in your network
  • Customizable Use our default responsive theme or bring your own. Every area can be customised with HTML, CSS and Freemarker templates
  • Admin console Manage all users from a central console regardless of how they are added to your system (LDAP, Social Login, Basic signup etc.)


  • Encryption All user data encrypted between your customers and us as well as encrypted at rest
  • Revoke access If you notice any suspicious behaviour quickly disable a user and stop their access
  • Hosted by us With regular security audits on a secure infrastructure we take care of keeping attackers out
  • Session management Admins or users themselves can manage where they are signed in from and stop a session they do not recognise
  • Separate your applications Users are redirected to our secure servers for authentication in isolation so your servers never know users credentials increasing security


  • Re-usable functionality Forget about re-writing the same logic for forgotten password, verify email etc. It's all here for you
  • Standard Protocols OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 and SAML 2.0
  • Social Login Quickly enable login from multiple social providers like Facebook, Twitter, Github etc.
  • User federation Already have your own LDAP database? Link and synchronise it with your Tromsso realm
  • Password policies Enforce a custom password policy from a central location for all applications
  • 2FA Support to enable and enforce two factor authentication via Authenticator apps


  • Protect your assets Limit functionality in your application to only those who need it. 'User X must have permission Y to do Z'
  • Authorization policies Attribute, Role, User, Context, Rule or Time based - you choose which policy used to authorize your users
  • Embed into your application Quickly and securely verify if the authenticated user has the correct permissions to perform an action in your app
  • Protect API endpoints By embedding authorization into your web server, protect application endpoints from being accessed by unauthorized users
One size fits all
$10/1000 Monthly active users
Grows with you
Open source core
Unlimited social logins
User management
2FA with Authenticator app
Custom theming
Single Sign On

Register interest

If you are interested in using Tromsso for your business please register your interest to apply for a place in the Beta trial. Simply enter your details with an approximate number of monthly active users below and we will keep you updated as we progress.


Q: How much does it cost?
A: If you are a selected user during the closed Beta we will offer our service at no cost - all we ask in return is that you experiment with the service and provide some helpful feedback to help us shape the product of tomorrow. After the Beta pricing is set per application a simple $10 per 1000 active users in a month. An active user is counted as a user
Q: How secure is my data?
A: We host our data in the cloud using encrypted communications and encryption at rest. We also have regular independent, external security audits and ISO certification on our production roadmap.
Q: Where are my users hosted?
A: Initially we are rolling out to a single data center in Frankfurt. As we grow we will expand into other data centers around the world. You will be able to select which data center you wish you use upon creation of your application.
Q: What happens at the end of the Beta?
A: Every Beta user will be provided the opportunity to add payment details and have their users persist in the production cluster. After a suitable period we will then decomission the Beta cluster and all user data will be removed.
Q: What happens if I want to leave you?
A: We understand that you may want to host your own identity provider and user management solution. We are building on Keycloak which you can setup and configure yourself and contact us to assist in migrating your users into your own solution.
Q: Where can I find documentation to integrate this with my application?
A: As we are based on Keycloak we currently recommend using their documentation until we have time to write Tromsso specific tutorials. Our aim is to Open Source our documentation in the future to allow everybody to contribute.

Pay-what-you-use user management

Save time by letting us take care of all the repetitive user management tasks at the beginning of your application. With an easy to understand pricing structure and a flat rate never be surprised by an unexpected bill and only pay when people use your app.

Operational Freedom

Don't waste time focusing on maintaining software that adds no value to your business. Let us take over the security and running of your user management system to give you peace of mind that updates are applied, servers maintained and databases backed up. We will also perform regular security audits and should you wish to move away from us are available to assist in the transition.

Easy integration

Using common standards (OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, SAML 2.0) no special libraries are needed. Libraries for these protocols exist in most languages with the Keycloak documentation listing a few and how to secure your applications. By adding these libraries to your website, mobile application or server code easily plug in themable user registration, login, logout, token authenticatino and much more.

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